Shipping darkly 

The build was complete, the walls were patched, the frames were aligned. I was making the last run through, making sure I liked how the light fell on the image and that it played well with museum glass. Final run through test coverage, all green. Load and pen tests within expected norms. Schema migrations remain […]

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Resiliency to a fault

In my previous job I have been described as workaholic, a person that managed to rise to every complex challenge and think my way out of it. I have been through managing complex system fallouts on Monday after midnight software elevation to the live site on Sunday that packed their own sets of adventures. I […]

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Have ALL the healths

When I was younger the primary stimulus behind looking healthy was to attract girls. So I was busy busting my back in the gym several times a week and consuming protein shakes. That lead to appreciable muscle growth, but had little influence on my success or real health. As I grew up and got married I […]

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Goals for the next 2 years

career Speak at a Computer Science related conference Join at a ground level or create an active start up Participate in Elon Musk’s project or a similar outstanding endeavor Have a significant influence on CS education in the region beyond the Guild. financial Minimize high interest debt Make significant investment into retirement savings Own shares in […]

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