It’s a meaningful life

“The unexamined life is not worth living” was apparently uttered by  Socrates. That is why while I count myself strongly in the atheist camp I love the celebration of Yom Kippur with my family. At very least once a year I get to sit down and reflect on events that happened to me, on my response to […]

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This job is worth my while

After 16 years in the industry I had enough positive and negative experiences under my belt to be able to tell what I need in my work environment. Each week I am required to do something I haven’t done before The decisions I make significantly impact the outcome of the project A team to lead A team to […]

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not enough time in the world

This post has to be as uneventful as brushing my teeth in the morning. Big splashes and great promises turn into unsurmountable mountains. Two week projects that are abandoned three months in and remembered for the lifetime in the sigh of a midnight regret. I need to establish base by building a prototype of my invention […]

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