This job is worth my while

Write ALL the codez!!!

After 16 years in the industry I had enough positive and negative experiences under my belt to be able to tell what I need in my work environment.

  1. Each week I am required to do something I haven’t done before
  2. The decisions I make significantly impact the outcome of the project
  3. A team to lead
  4. A team to collaborate with. Not to be mistaken with team of peers that coexist in the same domain within the company.
  5. Write ALL the codez! I have been building for so long that my mere  identify must include the creation of functional software.
  6. Free flowing asymmetrical humor. Random jokes and topical humor are essential to any healthy work environment.
  7. Guiding structure that I need to follow, contribute to, and lead with.
  8. Strong characters with a diversity of views and thoughtful strong opinions.
  9. Freedom to criticize and to be criticize that actually leads to positive action.
  10. Freedom to leave work at work without feeling of remorse whenever I choose to do so.

These are the best essential choices that I was able to outline over the last three days since I started writing this. As anything that I write professionally this is a version 1 that might be revised if other evidence presents itself.


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