Exploring the set point

  • What would I do if I knew I only had 1 year to live?
    • First commit some real time to getting over this very sad fact.
    • Play and learn with my kids until they get tired of me.
    • Help anyone that can use my skills build their dream as this is probably the only legacy I can achieve within such a short span of time.
    • Reconnect with my whole family abroad in a more consistent way.
  • What would I do if a natural disaster or terrorist event struck my town?
    • Ensure my family is safe and taken care of.
    • If we are the more fortunate ones that did not suffer as much I will help my neighbours in any way I can.
  • What would I do if a friend asked me to help him or her move but I really wanted to go see a movie that night?
    • Movies last months on end, friends move a few times in a lifetime. Helping move is always a priority.
  • What would I do if I found out my favorite brand had been exploiting workers and participating in environmentally destructive practices?
    • I would like to say that I would abandon it, but I still love my Apple products and their practices in worker exploitation have been shady. What do you do about a brand that doesn’t seam to have good product alternatives?
  • What would I do if I won the lottery?
    • Pay off my debts while I am still young enough.
    • Get a degree in data science or something that would exploit my brain to it’s capacity and beyond. I really want to see how far I can take it.
    • Have a ridiculous comfortable eco friendly house in the desert with the best view of the starry sky.
    • Get a loft in a city with an awesome kitchen to cook for friends and family.
    • Get fully loaded Tesla model X.
    • Get a bright team together that will be fit to solve some ridiculous problems in healthcare space.
    • Teach and mentor in an environment where students are receptive to what I have to offer.
  • What would I do if someone decided to fight me for no good reason?
    • By them a drink and laugh at how stupid the premise actually was. If that’s not an option see if I can walk away. If that doesn’t work out then breath deep and stay in the zone the best I can.
  • What would I do if an opportunity for an inside deal came my way with no chance of anyone finding out?
    • Embezzlement is not an option.
    • Getting upper hand over someone while they are not looking is not an option.
    • Getting a job in yet another “equal opportunity employer” organization while bypassing a whole line of applicants. I will take advantage of that as it is a normal business practice.
  • What would I do if my team were bashing a teammate behind his back in my presence?
    • If they are talking about real negative qualities of that person I would insist that we should tell it to that person’s face.
    • If something is a dirty baseless supposition I will always present a point of view that either gives a reasonable explanation or destroys the supposition completely.  This is the very definition of having someone’s back. Speaking well about them when they are not looking.

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