Exploring the set point (contd.)


  • What books, movies, art, or music get me pumped?
    • Born to run by Christopher McDougall. I found myself running with the headphones listening to the final chapters of the audiobook.
    • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I realized that our universe is so much stranger than we can ever imagine. It changed my world view completely.
    • Any work that speaks to glory of human nature especially based on solid scientific ground.
    • Much of artwork that messes with my mind. I do dislike the shock value artwork, though.
    • A preffer my inspirational stuff to be devoid of militant terminology. Challenges are just a fact of life and most of your competitors are not your enemies, but just human beings with similar interests.
  • Who inspires me and why?
    • I had few wonderful mentors throughout my life thus far. Some of them were older while others are younger than me.
  • Which of my characteristics make me feel great about myself?
    • When something freaks me out I push forth and prepare to put on the best show I can. My creativity is probably most unbound in these moments.
    • I find a lot of odd things humorous and love to make people giggle.
    • I love systems and their interaction with people. Working on anything like that makes me tick.
  • What activities would I do if I had more time and no barriers?
    • Sail and even race small boats and catamarans
    • Create a “safe passage” trail so that community members could walk through the whole city beyond sidewalks of the subdivision and so that kids could bike to school and congregate in parks safely.
    • What is meaningful to me about these activities?
      • Mindfulness of sailing small vessels and need to be in the moment is exceptionally liberating and meditative.
      • “safe passage” makes community more open, allows school friends to form deeper meaningful relationships, allows residents to walk to local stores and be healthier, lowers emissions and makes bikes a viable mode of transportation.
    • What benefit to others would these activities or characteristics provide?
      • Sailing experience shared with friends and family members forms wonderful bonds and is a joyous experience to remember for years to come.
      • local pedestrian/biking highway is a healthy community building engine that could spur few local businesses and become a tidal change.
    • Could I change the world, making it even a tiny bit better, by focusing more on these?
      • I was fortunate enough to work on a few projects that have been shipped around the world and made it a better place.
      • These endeavours will make my family and my community happier.
    • What would it take to get me to step into the arena of even just one of these activities?
      • Sailing would simply take a bit of investment in a sailboat and gear and carving out time to ride to local lakes.
      • “safe passage” would take a lot of legwork, understanding the planning of the existing common space and private properties in our neighbourhood, gathering some information to understand what the selling point would be to the residents and to possible financiers. A fun complex suburban project.

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