Two people that inspire me

This question from the unstoppable course asked me to commit to just two of many people that I find fascinating and inspiring. I must admit I was taken aback by this a bit as the first people that came to my mind where authors of books that I found very influential. I find the existentialism of Chuck Palahniuk very appealing and liberating at least as a thought experiment. I believe that wonderfully wilde humerous quips about the Universe and us within it that come from Douglas Adams are fascinating. The relentless march of reality and wonder brought upon by rbooks of Neil DeGrass Tyson and Richard Dawkins are quite phenomenal and mind bending as well. That being said I had to step back and realize that I need to focus on individuals whose personal example was transformative for me and not their literary works.

I regularly listen to many ideas that come from a plethora of people and I am inspired by Chris Hadfield sining “Space Oddity” from space among many other things.
As this assignment floated in and out of my mind I realized that two of the above gentlemen are albeit obvious choices truly inform my desired goals in life.

Salman Khan – A hedge fund analyst that followed his desire to teach children by making complex concepts simple. He took a major dip and decided to build something that had an absolutely amazing potential public good in mind, but had no clear potential for being financially sustainable. Simply because this idea was so wonderfully beneficial a lot of people believed in it and funded him out of the gate and keep funding him to this day. I leveraged the toolset that his organization created for several years to teach kids how to code. This eventually lead me to become a full time software development mentor and join the Software Guild.

Elon Musk – An Applied Physics PHD student from Stanford turn Internet entrepreneur that chose his path in life based on the ultimate outlook for humanity’s needs. From my own limited background in EE I know that power production and delivery systems are not nearly as well payed in electrical engineering as other specializations. However Elon picked that direction going deeper into basic sciences and set out to change the world, rather successfully – I must add. In above interview he states that he does not aim to control the electric car market, but he aims to prove the markets viability and to inspire competition that will bring great benefit to humankind. The overall targeted purpose of this guys is truly inspiring. His ventures in space, public transportation, energy production, delivery and storage and now AI make me want to focus on something attainable that would be significantly larger then me.

Thank you for reading and enjoy above interview.


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