Three weeks of #Unstopable course in review

In last three weeks I realized that it is exceptionally useful to put down your own essence on paper in a most sincere publically acceptable way over and over again. The resulting process is very interesting. Honestly bearing my odd attempts at being different often churns my stomach as soon as I hit Publish button. This also lets me commit to describing myself in a certain way just so that I could peel away that layer to get to real essence of what drives me.

I realize that I love to lead and I truly feel I am good at it. I love being in a thick of it guiding a team of people through a complex venture, making hard calls, being an expert on a subject matter, being an inquisitive mind that wants to learn from those that know more than me, and caring responsibilities for any and all failures along the way. I want to be challenged, questioned, inspired by those that are better than me. I need to know that my existence and effort makes a difference in the ways that span beyond me. This is what I ultimately hunger.

As for new things I have picked up: I take cold showers almost daily, I am very low on caffeine and I think I can stick with it, I am working on finding time to meditate, I realize I am starving for using GTD more regularly. I also enjoy a free form process of creative writing. Doing this on the regular basis is rather enjoyable.

The principal of front sight focus is quite valuable and I know will be truly detailed and augmented in GTD – albeit by other names.

I choose to spend my time with Nozbe instead of 5 minute journal as it as a more distilled version of my reality that I care for the most.

Time commitment was relatively substantial. I read Devine’s book ahead of time so it was not as time consuming. I think 10 hours a week on average is a fair estimate.

I think I did on par delivering material, although came up close to deadlines on a few topics. As for my peers I would refrain from judging. As we are all different people our self censoring leads us to different outcomes. Others may be open in the areas where I hold back either because I don’t feel like disclosing it or to remain civil. It is also difficult to express a sincere opinion regarding the deep convictions of others without becoming an internet troll.

The militant background and an exceptionally SEAL example driven way of the material does give an interesting perspective, but often serves more as a distraction then aid. I have done a Tough Mudder race and loved every moment of it. While not nearly as challenging as Hell Week it is a worthy course to find your limits. That being said it runs completely in parallel with the rest of my world and simply defines my base level as a human being. I will sound snobby saying this, but feeding warrior’s way back into my daily life is anti-intellectual. Devine’s adoption of SEAL’s way to human endeavor is lacking in my view.

Overall I am appreciative of the course as it requires me to ask the questions that are normally churning in the back of my mind. I find that I either tend to steep about them and they keep me awake or I tend to work or drink them away. Either that or drown them in daily chores or challenges.

This I’d say should cover it.


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