Goals for the next 2 years



  • Speak at a Computer Science related conference
  • Join at a ground level or create an active start up
  • Participate in Elon Musk’s project or a similar outstanding endeavor
  • Have a significant influence on CS education in the region beyond the Guild.


  • Minimize high interest debt
  • Make significant investment into retirement savings
  • Own shares in a functional startup


  • round off JavaScript stack education
  • Make significant ways into Data Science.


  • Ensure all my children have equal amount of extracurricular activities.
  • Ensure my oldest son remains on a good course to a college entry.


  • Take part in Akron marathon.
  • Go through entire marathon under 10 min/mile
  • Drop 20 pounds


  • Take a mancation with my brothers
  • Purchase and sail 16″ Hobbie catamaran with my family (see above).

One thought on “Goals for the next 2 years

  1. Ilya – great 2 year list! You have a good mix of personal and professional goals and they are all pretty specific and measurable. It looks like you have a very busy and very fun 2 years ahead!


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