Have ALL the healths

determination pushup woman for fitness and strength training
Plank this!

When I was younger the primary stimulus behind looking healthy was to attract girls. So I was busy busting my back in the gym several times a week and consuming protein shakes. That lead to appreciable muscle growth, but had little influence on my success or real health. As I grew up and got married I found it more effective to measure my health by a certain goal I can achieve.

I like running, rock climbing in the gym, and partaking in obstacle course events.   The most important measure of success for me is an ability to push myself to the brink without suffering irreparable damage. Blisters, bruises and scrapes aside I measure that an event was a success if all of my joints are intact while I am pushing my body to the max and have to dig dip to make it through.

In order to accomplish that I do:

  •  calisthenics and roll out my muscles on the foam roller.
  • I do yoga on occasion to help me stay centered and have flexibility to climb the rock wall.
  • Anything to strengthen my core and strengthen my grip.
  • I also run when I have a chance.
  • Ride my bicycle with some regularity for distances in excess of 20 miles.
  • Swim with some regularity.

I am not focused on loosing weight as much as I should be. Lighter weight means less punishment on my joints and less weight to take down the road and up the rock wall. Once my running is a bit more habitual I am planning on focusing on my weight in order to enhance my pace and get back to my earlier race pace.

The events in  my immediate future are, half and full marathon and possibly another bike race. One of my dream events is a triathlon even in a scaled down form. I will be aiming for that once I am past marathon run.


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