Shipping darkly 

The build was complete, the walls were patched, the frames were aligned. I was making the last run through, making sure I liked how the light fell on the image and that it played well with museum glass. Final run through test coverage, all green. Load and pen tests within expected norms. Schema migrations remain backward compatible. All the platforms are flush and safely attached to the stage. Sound, checks are done and lights and audio are scripted and verified.

The world doesn’t know about it yet. Some have read the email about new anticipated features. Others have walked past the storefront trinket shop at the front of the gallery and observed heavy frames being laboriously carried in. Many clicked ‘interested’ when Facebook event for the new local production had popped up in their push notifications.

Everyone kept coming and going, from the workplace to the parking lot, from evening meal out to grab an adorable bookend for their favorite niece, from login screen to the list of dated looking daily tasks.

They new something was afoot, they just had no idea how close it was and how ready it was. Everything was weighted, measured and tuned to be set in motion at a hair trigger.

And the magical arbitrary date and minute has come. The curtains have been drawn, the lights ever so carefully placed have hit the prints perfectly, the vibrant fonts and colors of new interface have come to light.

Intentional and accidental witnesses have stopped for that split moment marveling instant appearance of something different in the world. Something that made them think, possibly reflect and change their course occasionally turn away and grimace in disgust.

Whatever the impact this event had it left an imprint because it was shipped darkly.


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