Who am I

I am defined by the reasons why I matter. First and foremost I have a kind, honest word for you to put your being in a perspective that you haven’t seen before.

I will talk about many things I aspire to do, but I will come through on only the ones that matter and make a difference.

Partial commitments bore me. Either get it done or don’t bother taking it on.

Everything is a long game and requires a lot of effort and patience. It doesn’t matter who I am and what past extraneous experiences I represent. If I don’t have a good report with you and I am no value add to a transaction I have no basis to ask for what I need. Form meaningful relationships with good people way before you might need to ask them for anything. Don’t ask if you don’t truly require their assistance.

My convictions are as strong as my experience combined with latest available evidence. Strong slogans are necessary for the weak of mind. Your resume and title build framework for respect, your words and actions have to substantiate them at the end.

I have an inane need to speak truth to power. I only allow myself to do that if the criticism is constructive, I have a value-add to the solution and I have examined motivations of the leaders. I firmly believe that those who lead are doing their outmost to promote the welfare of everyone involved. They also lead because they are tasked with making tough calls that will have fallouts and  consequences. Keep that in mind and your input will be valued.

Seek to speak good about people behind their backs.

Learn until you die. Build from what you have learned.

Ship your ideas. Ship them frequently. Pay attention to what you have shipped. Be cognisant of any and every feedback. Adjust accordingly.

Take people at their word, that is all the information that you have and there is no use in guessing what they meant.

You are awesome only if your personal brand says you are awesome.

Hear what others are saying. Get out of peoples faces as soon as you see the queue. Don’t dilute your value.

That’s ought to be enough. I’ll be back to review this.